Preserve, Protect, Enhance

Just 10 years ago we saw the first farmer sign up for a new riparian restoration program developed jointly by the local farming community, foresters, environmental groups and Clean Water Services. By year three this program caught its stride, leveraging millions of additional Federal Farm Bill dollars and allowing the Tualatin Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) to offer a voluntary and truly integrated agricultural incentive program.

Today this transformative partnership simultaneously delivers irrigation efficiency, wetlands enhancement, integrated pest management, cooling shade, wildlife habitat and farm conservation plans that address nutrient/pest management and soil erosion. To date this partnership has restored more than 35 agricultural river miles, involving more than 10,000 acres on 70+ farms, while bringing many additional benefits to the farmers and Mother Nature.

So where are we going in the coming decade? This past year, local farmers approved a plan that recognizes a 10-year goal to restore riparian habitat along 100 agricultural river miles in the Tualatin Watershed. Working together, we will continue to bring to scale the actions and community richness needed for a healthy watershed and vibrant agricultural community.