The Quatama profile covers a series of interconnected projects. Here are project-by-project statistics:

205th Avenue

Forested Wetland, Riparian Forest, Scrub Shrub, Upland Forest

First planting: 2007
First monitoring: 2007

55 native plant species
Plant cover change*

  • Native shrub/tree: +99%
  • Native herbaceous: insufficient data
  • Invasive: +6%

197th Avenue

Riparian Forest

First planting: 2015
First monitoring: 2014

16 native plant species


185th Avenue 

Riparian Forest

First planting: 2016
First monitoring: 2014

17 native plant species

* Figures measure increase/decrease since monitoring began. Shrub/tree and herbaceous cover are measured only in plant communities appropriate to those species.