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What I mean when I talk about collaboration. What is a specific experience collaborating on a project with someone from a different discipline or “way of knowing”?

from The Nature of Cities 02.28.2019

Before I founded TNOC, I spent almost 15 years as a full-time theatre artist. It is sometimes said that theatre is the “most collaborative” of the arts.

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Taking the Long View: Looking at Landscape Restoration Through Varied Lenses

from The Nature of Cities 09.05.2018

Each morning on my way to work, just west of Portland, Oregon, I pass a thriving new development with hundreds of brand new houses, a beautiful new school, bustling stores and new parks…

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The Watershed Moment

from Clean Water Advocate Winter 2018

As the innovative "Tree for All" approach matures from pilot projects to landscape conservation programs, historic opportunities and challenges emerge.

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Restoring the Tualatin River Valley

from 12.29.17

It wasn’t just shared labor and tools that enhanced the restoration results. The Tree for All partnerships connected organizations with one another. Those new connections often led to more collaboration, and additional and better projects for their organization.

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Exploring the Relationship between Collaborative Partnerships and Outcomes

from 12.29.17

With the goal of understanding the impact, depth, and benefits of these partnerships, the Intertwine Alliance and its partner advisory group commissioned a research team from Portland State University’s Institute for Sustainable Solutions to look at the value of collaborative partnerships. The study focused primarily on “Tree for All” (TFA) and the work it has done to improve the health of the Tualatin River watershed.

Read the full academic paper by Rebecca McLain and co-authors >

The Tree for All Journey

from The Nature of Cities 8.27.17

A business leader speaks out. Tree for All is good for our community, ecology and economy.Creating a conservation program capable of acting on a watershed scale has been an interesting journey, and it becomes particularly inspiring when you consider the stressors of interesting weather events and rapid urbanization as well as the scale of action needed to create a resilient and healthy watershed.

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Partnerships Result in Clean Water, Wetlands for Everyone

from Pamplin Media Group 7.9.16

A business leader speaks out. Tree for All is good for our community, ecology and economy.

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Oregon Conservation Groups Partner with USDA for Results

from The United States Department of Agriculture 2.25.16

USDA, conservation partners and landowners worked together to protect the Tualatin River Watershed by restoring fish habitat and cooling the stream.

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1 Million Plants in a Year

from Oregon Field Guide (Oregon Public Broadcasting) 2.25.16

A bold project called “Tree for All” aimed to plant 1 million trees and shrubs in a single year...

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Tualatin River planting efforts pay off for Washington County ratepayers

from The Oregonian/OregonLive 12.31.15

“This is probably the best use of taxpayer dollars we could possibly ” Duyck said. “Anytime you get multiple benefits from a project, it's a good use of public money.”

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Metro recognized with Tree for All award

from Metro News 9.12.15

Clean Water Services on Monday recognized Metro with an award for its work in helping the Tree for All campaign plant more than two million native trees in one year.

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Beaverton honored for Tree for All success

from Beaverton Valley Times 10.19.15

Beaverton played a major role in helping cities and other partners more than double last year's pledge in the 2015 Tree for All campaign to plant a million trees and shrubs in Washington County.

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It's a Tree for All

from Pacific Horticulture Fall 2015

From short, bushy, and flower-laden to towering, leafy, and crawling with critters, trees are making a comeback.

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How do you save an important Oregon watershed?

from Portland Monthly April 2015

In 2005, a program focused on improving watershed health in the Tualatin River Basin challenged its network of participants to plant two million native trees and shrubs in the area over the next twenty years.

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Tree for All Aims for 1 Million Plants in 1 Year

from The Oregonian/OregonLive 3.4.15

Led by Clean Water Services, the original Tree for All campaign launched in 2005, hoping to plant two million trees and shrubs in 20 years. But just 10 years later, they've already planted 4.5 million.

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One million trees and counting along the Tualatin River

from The Oregonian/OregonLive 10.11.07

On a cloudy October workday, Sherrill Juneman has left her banker's job behind and is planting twin berry shrubs on the banks of the Tualatin River.

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