"A project that started with avoiding one enormously expensive treatment plant chiller grew into 100 miles of streams planted. and they’re not done yet."

Watch OPB's Oregon Field Guide coverage of the Tree For All story.

Collaboration among community, municipal, and conservation organizations make large-scale change and long-term stewardship possible. Public-private partnerships in Washington County improve water quality, sustain native species, support diverse and complex habitats, and create better outcomes for human health and the economy.


Tree For All supports the ecological, economic and social health of our watershed. Watch our video to see our partners in action and keep up with the latest news on Facebook!



In a single year, Tree For All  partners planted more than 2 million trees and shrubs. 


Improved flood control and higher property values are just the start.


Our nonprofit partners are always on the lookout for volunteers.


Together, more than 35 partners are achieving what none of us could alone