Taking Conservation to Scale  

One of America’s largest and most successful landscape conservation programs, Tree for All takes a community-based, systems approach to building watershed resiliency. Since 2005, Tree for All partners have restored more than 140 river and tributary miles in Oregon's Tualatin River Watershed.

We recognize the need to create a healthy and resilient environment for humans and wildlife. Our approach responds to the challenges of urbanization, climate change, agricultural vibrancy, and ecological diversity. Tree for All has proven capable of acting on a scale that ensures a healthy watershed now and for future generations.  

In order to create resilient, thriving landscapes, we have to act on unprecedented scale. It will take new kinds of partnerships, new sources of funding and a holistic approach.


The Watershed, Mapped

Partners are engaged at hundreds of sites across the watershed. Visit our Case Studies page to learn about ongoing work at dozens of those sites, or click any of the green dots below.


1 Planting Season—2 Million Trees and Shrubs

In 2014-15, we hoped to plant one million trees and shrubs in a single planting season—and we more than doubled that lofty total. Watch the video below to learn more.