All Hands On Deck!

In the restoration world, January means tree planting is in full swing. Because Tree for All is planting on a landscape scale, it takes a diverse, coordinated and hard-working group of partners to ensure that all the native trees and plants are planted by spring.

The bulk of planting season happens while it is the most rainy, windy, cold, and yes, even snowy here in Washington County. January is the midpoint of the planting season, and while we have made a lot of progress, there is still a long way to go. 

As of January 1, Tree for All partners had planted 284,100 native plants. Another 812,750 remained at the cooler and the Tualatin River Farm, ready for pickup. That means we're on track for another 1+ million plant yearbut there's a lot of hard work and nimble coordination ahead of us this winter and spring to reach that goal!

It’s hard to visualize what a million native plants look like, but exciting to think about the vibrant habitat that they will create when planted at restoration sites throughout the Tualatin River Watershed. How many of those native plants can you get in the ground this winter/spring? Visit the Tree for All calendar to find a planting event near you.