Collaboration Is Key

Planting on such a large scale is made possible with the help of more than 35 partners. From cities and farmers, to nonprofits and federal agencies, we’re working together to share resources and achieve collective impact. Together, we are making a difference at a scale and depth that would be impossible in isolation. 

Partners engage with Tree For All in many different ways, such as recruiting and managing volunteers; actively restoring and stewarding sites; granting access to sites; conducting scientific research; and telling the Tree For All story. Browse partner spotlights and find a list of partners below, or read more about the power of partnership here.

Partner Spotlights

Tree For All Partners

Become a Partner

Tree for All provides unique, customized opportunities for businesses, schools, nonprofit groups, families and farmers to participate in community-building.

How Tree for All Can Work for You

We’re looking for partners of all sizes and shapes to join in the planting and help us spread the word about the value of native plants to the health of the Tualatin River Watershed.

  • Employers can undertake planting efforts scaled to the size and availability of their workforce

  • Schools can engage students and their parents in planting

  • Nonprofits can motivate volunteers and gain publicity

  • Retailers can mount cause marketing campaigns

Interested in partnering? Email: