A Relationship for Life 

Friends of Trees, a Tree for All partner from the beginning, is a nonprofit dedicated to empowering communities to improve the natural world by planting trees. By mustering an army of volunteers every weekend during planting season, Friends of Trees plays a pivotal role in helping us address regulatory needs while conveying the important role healthy streams play in keeping water cool and clean.

Implementing riparian restoration in urban settings is no simple task; however, groups like Friends of Trees make it look easy. In 2015 alone, Friend of Trees mustered more than 17,000 volunteer hours with a value of $375,000. A decade of partnership translates into millions of dollars leveraged, and thousands of urban Washington County residents connected to water resources. Take a look at Fanno Creek, once a degraded urban stream but now home to wood ducks, beaver, blue heron and off-channel habitat for juvenile fish. Mother Nature is finding her way back into our urban streams because of our collective efforts.
We have demonstrated the power of partnership; in the coming decade, we must continue to work together to steward our restored natural resources and restore another 100 miles of the Tualatin Watershed. Friends of Trees will play a critical role in making this happen.